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About Holistic Health

Our Approach to Health

At Vancouver Holistic Health, we see healthcare as a partnership between your desire to optimize your health and our ability to provide you with the tools you need to promote your body’s innate healing processes. Our team focuses on providing a professional environment where you can learn and create positive change that will improve the quality of your life.

What is Natural Medicine?

Naturopathic medicine is alternative health care that focuses on addressing the root cause of illness, rather than simply treating the symptoms. Naturopathic treatment plans encourage the self-healing process and use natural therapies to aid your body in its progression to optimal wellness.

Naturopathic Doctors' Oath

  1. Provide the most effective health care possible with the least risk to patients at all times.
  2. Recognize, respect and promote the self-healing power of nature inherent in each individual.
  3. Identify and eliminate the causes of illness, rather than reduce or suppress symptoms.
  4. Educate, inspire and encourage self-responsibility for ones health.
  5. Treat the whole person and consider all individual health factors and influences.
  6. Promote healthy living and optimal wellness for the individual, and in turn, the community.