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About Us

Vancouver Holistic Health is a professional naturopathic medical clinic focused on enabling our patients to live longer, healthier, and more active lives. Our team has been treating patients of all ages and with acute and chronic health concerns since 1992. Our clinic has moved to Richmond BC, Canada.

Our Vision

To empower people to live and be in wellness.

Our Mission

To deliver integrative and preventive medicine by engaging in supportive relationships and providing exceptional service consistently.

Our Values


We have high standards in terms of presentation, functionality, choice, value, speed, timeliness, suitability, repeatability, reliability, courtesy, and friendliness. We are professional and offer best-in-class service and products. We always give our personal best.


We show the utmost concern for the health, safety, dignity, feelings, diversity and worth of people. We listen to other's perspective without requiring that it agree with our own and we make sure we understand what they mean.


Our practitioners are committed to and lead with their respective practitioner oath. As a team, we keep to our word, promises, agreements and being truthful. We acknowledge when we are wrong or make a mistake.


We are on the leading edge, we work to improve and are creative in developing treatment protocols. We stimulate new approaches and ideas and we are always thinking about prevention. We have the desire and the ability to venture into new, breakthrough areas of opportunity.


We never compromise our values and we are models for others to follow. We inspire others and bring passion to the task. We help without being asked. We share in the credit and celebrate our successes


We take every opportunity to make people feel welcome, comfortable and valued. We see to their needs and make them feel special.