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Our Diagnostic Methods

Our first objective is to help you understand your own health.

Because an accurate diagnosis is essential for uncovering the root causes of any problem, our diagnostic procedure is quite extensive and includes:

  • An Interview & Examination: A 30-45 minute interview to discuss your medical concerns, medical history, and present lifestyle patterns. Then a non-invasive physical examination is conducted.
  • A Dietary Evaluation: A dietary evaluation allows us to better understand how your current diet is affecting your health
  • Testing: We complete laboratory blood and biochemical testing to get a deep understanding our your current health profile.
  • A Health Analysis: You physician will conduct an extensive analysis of all the information gathered to understand your health profile and create a strategy to maximize your health.
  • A Consultation Session:  During your 1 hour consultation session, your physician will a review your test results, present our diagnosis, and offer our recommendations.