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5 Do’s & 5 Don’ts for Building a Strong Immune System

Posted Thursday, November 11, 2010

Do's for a Strong Immune System

  1. Eat Lots of Veggies & Protein:  We know you’ve heard it before, but fuelling your body with the right food is really one of the best ways to stay healthy. Check out why we chose broccoli as the Veggie of the Month.
  2. Hydrate: While water is king of the drinks, herbal teas like lemon, ginger and chamomile are great for the mind and the body.  Looking for something a bit more interesting?  Check out licorice, our Tea of the Month.
  3. Relax & Get Some ZZZs: Like you, your immune system works hard all day long.  Stress and anxiety only lowers your adrenal, nervous & immune systems, so finding a way to relax will go a long way in keeping you healthy.  Need some help? Check out these 5 tips for managing stress.  Give you and your immune system the rest you deserves so that you can keep colds and flu viruses away this season.
  4. Love Soap: Wash your hands thoroughly and often, especially after riding public transit, shaking hands, entering your home, touching money or your wallet, before eating and before/after touching someone who is sick. 
  5. Exercise: In addition to keeping off unwanted pounds, exercising strengthens the immune system by keeping your circulatory and lymphatic systems in motion.  These systems are responsible for moving good things through your body and bad things out of your body.

Strong Immune System Don'ts

  1. Simple Starches & Sugars: We know how hard this is during the holiday season when candies, cookies, cakes and pies are all around us.  If you can do your best to minimize your intake of holiday goodies heavy on sugar and flour, as well as soda drinks (even with artificial sweeteners), jams and fruit juices, you’ll stand a better chance of combating seasonal bugs.  Other items on the list include root vegetable juices and sushi rice (contains sugar and vinegar).
  2. Dairy Products:  With the cold weather it’s tempting to cozy up to warm, dairy-rich drinks at your local coffee shop.  Unfortunately, dairy products tend to irritate your mucous membranes, which make them more vulnerable to attack.
  3. Nuts: While we love that nuts are a great source of protein, they have excessive amounts of arginine, which is an amino acid that is a basic building block for viruses.  Let’s not give viruses any help!   
  4. Stimulants:  Excess caffeine and alcohol can really weaken your immune system.  
  5. Sharing Saliva:  While our mothers all taught us to share, it’s best to avoid sharing drinks, utensils, toothbrushes, lipstick or even wind instruments with others. All of these objects can transfer virus-containing saliva from one person to another

If you’re interested in having a customized set of supplements created to ensure your immune system is strong and healthy, contact us at Vancouver Holistic Health.