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One of the many reasons why we love what we do!

Posted Tuesday, December 07, 2010

This week, we received a kind note from a patient that made us feel warm n' fuzzy:

"It is my pleasure to congratulate you on creating an environment at your Laser Health Solutions location that exemplifies the term healthCARE. In particular, I would like to acknowledge Jennifer, Margot, and Ewa for making me feel welcome from the first point of contact by telephone and also for their friendliness, helpfulness and consideration.

From a technical perspective, Paul has been professional, informative and also very helpful. Each time that I visit the facilities for a session, I have an opportunity to visit with other patients as well and the combination of interactions between all of us has always been positive. In fact, I can certainly testify to having a lot of fun, an important and often under-rated component of a healthy lifestyle.

In my experience, genuine care (courtesy and consideration) is the single most important element consistently missing in the conventional health care industry in BC today and it is heartwarming to see that it is alive and well in your office!

Thank you for your efforts in easing a very painful back with both laser therapy and a warm n' fuzzy reception."

— Layla J., Sales and Marketing Professional

Thank you, Layla, for giving us the opportunity to support you in your recovery!