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Tea of the Month: Licorice

Posted Monday, November 01, 2010

While we’re big fans of licorice tea all year long, we especially love it during flu season because it supports the adrenal glands and the immune system, which need to be in tip-top condition to ward off viruses. 



Akash commented on 30-Sep-2012 12:26 PM
If you really like the smell of snow or gsneehoures (or 100 s of other strange items) you might want to check out Demeter Fragrance. They have been around for years making unique items which make great gifts. Snow is one of their scents.I kid not, nor am I selling anything here. I found them in a small boutique years ago and just thought they were delightfully fun. They have a website which descibes the scents and you won't beleive the list of scents!You know that smell when you cut a tomato plant? Yep, they have a scent of that.I enjoy you blog but tend to not comment but just wanted to let you know someone HAS bottled it.
Tristen commented on 30-Sep-2012 02:20 PM
Lisa! I can't believe you have aoehtnr blog. Something else for me to stalk (apart from the jeffandlisa blog). I could not resist commenting on this. I am so absolutely happy for Jeff and you. Parenting is the best thing that happend to Ej and me too. And I can totally relate to knowing how such a small little bean makes such a BIG impression in your life. Good luck guys!
eqedtec commented on 01-Oct-2012 05:17 AM
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Jack commented on 02-Oct-2012 11:11 PM
I agree with Living400lbs, what is the difference beeewtn tracking height/weight and BMI? The only difference is that the latter involves more math.Besides, can they really MAKE everyone get weighed and measured? The laws in the U.S. are pretty much firmly on the side that no adult can be forced to go to a doctor or to take their children to one, or accept any kind of treatment or testing, except in rare instances like a danger-to-self-or-others temporary psych hold or getting kids required immunizations for school. That pretty much means we can refuse to be weighed or have our children weighed. Maybe there are a lot of people who don't know that they are allowed to refuse, but I have seen enough medical records to know it happens all the time. (And when someone is over about 400 pounds or so, a general practitioner doctor's office is unlikely to have the right equipment to weigh them; even a lot of hospitals don't have it.)Besides, we'll never, ever have complete government control of health care in America. The corporations would never allow it. Furthermore, the major corporate interests involved in health care Big Pharma and the insurance companies are at direct odds with one another. The former wants people to have as many prescriptions and surgeries as possible; the latter wants us to never set foot in a doctor's office or hospital, ever. But the fatties use up too much health care blame game is just as much a tool of the insurance companies as it is of any government body and it's not like anyone actually has a shot at better coverage unless they are young, thin, and in perfect health, and carry their own private policy as opposed to their (or their partner's or parent's) employer's. The HCR exchanges might enable you to carry a different company's card if you're unemployed, but they all pull the same shenanigans.
Bobcat commented on 05-Oct-2012 01:06 AM
Nice article and title, Marc. Although I’ve been out of the medical sciences for a while, I remember talking about this specifically at length with quite a few people. FIrst off, you are absolutely right, naturopaths can not possibly produce unique treatments for everyone AND know that these treatments will work. It is non-sensical to think so. I do think, however, that naturopaths divide sickness into more (or at least different) categories that do doctors. For example, suppose you go see a doctor for a skin fungus. He/she will make no effort to find the cause, but simply prescribe a fungicide. I’ve always found it unfortunate that doctors always have the “band-aid” solutions, and no real interest in finding the “cause” of a problem. Now, go see a naturopath with the same skin fungus. He/she is likely to say something like “You have an imbalance in your blood ions because your blood type is AB but you eat a lot of tomatoes which acidifies….and so on. This imbalance manifests itself by weakening your immune system, and hence you have a skin infection… Stop eating acidic products, drink this tea, take this herb and it will clear right up”. So, in summary, you are right in saying they are still categorizing you. Despite the fact that they often misrepresent their treatments in advertising, I will say this: contrary to most doctors, they do try to treat YOU, rather than treat the symptoms.Keep the great articles coming!

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